December 2021. Coming soon, a place to order your favorite lanscape fine art prints online. Check out the gallery below for images from the exhibit "Landscape Scale" recently displayed at Gallery One, Ellensburg, WA, Nov 5-27, 2021. 

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The exhibit, Landscape Scale, explores both realistic and abstract themes in landscape photography, focusing on patterns and shapes that form as the result of the forces exerted by wind, water, fire, and biological processes on the earth and its organisms.

I am inspired by the balance between chaos and order, how fractals and repeated patterns and shapes emerge at multiple scales, and how observed patterns can morph into new, unexpected landscapes, challenging the viewer's sense of reality and scale.

The images in this collection begin with digital photographs of landscapes or elements found in nature, are edited in a digital darkroom process--with minimal manipulation outside of traditional techniques (cropping, dodging, burning, exposure, contrast, and color adjustments)--to achieve my vision of the image, and are printed on canvas or aluminum panels with archival inks.