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I am a storyteller

I started my photographic journey with a focus on outdoor adventure and landscape photography. Photography was a means for me to share my travels – and the beautiful landscapes of the places I visited – with others, as well as combining my interests in science and nature with outdoor recreation.

I bring a storyteller's perspective to all of my work.

As a wedding photographer, I strive to tell not only the story of the wedding event, but also of the connections among the couple, their friends and families, and the place. As a real estate and architectural photographer, my goal is to capture the essence of a building or a property and show it in its best light. As an artist, I am inspired by natural landscapes, people as part of larger landscapes, and micro landscapes and abstract patterns and shapes in the natural world.

I am a thinker, a problem solver, and love analytical challenges. I am also an artist and crave the creative outlet that comes with envisioning and capturing images or making music. I am a climber, hiker, mountain biker, and skier. I love the mountains – the bigger, the more jagged and glaciated, the better – but I also find beauty and inspiration in the smaller, everyday things.

The combination of skills I've gained from seemingly disparate photographic disciplines gives me the tools to tackle a wide range of projects and to produce compelling images with a unique vision and a keen eye for detail.

Let's talk about your next project 

and how I can help you create stunning visual images to tell your stories.