Bridget and Max: Brown Family Homestead Wedding Photography, Lake Wenatchee, Leavenworth

It was beautiful summer day for Bridget and Max’s wedding at Brown Family Homestead near Lake Wenatchee in Leavenworth, WA. After capturing some getting ready photos of the bride in the log cabin homestead and the groom in the “whiskey room” outbuilding, we headed down to a beach on the shore of Lake Wenatchee for some “first look” photos. Bridget and Max were able to enjoy some quiet time together at the lakeside before the events of their wedding day. Their ceremony was held in a grassy field on the hill above the buildings of the old homestead with views of the nearby mountains. A winding path flanked by wildflowers gives a beautiful entry for the bridal party to the ceremony site. Max’s grandfather, John, officiated the ceremony and the wedding party and guests were composed primarily of family members. It was my first wedding at the Brown Family Homestead and it was a joy for me as a photographer to explore a new venue and find great new locations for beautiful outdoor portraits. Wildflower fields, old barns, the log homestead, and an old car all provided scenic backdrops for bride and groom portraits and family photos. One of our family photos in front of the ceremony arch was interrupted by a hummingbird landing on a guest’s foot. Several guests remarked they had seen it flying around and interacting during the ceremony too. Perhaps this is a good omen for Bridget and Max’s marriage.

The reception included a barbeque dinner, with friends and family relaxing under the shade of the tent or on the surrounding lawn. The first dances were an emotional event as Bridget danced first with Max but then second with her grandfather. The face of her grandfather lit up when they danced together and there were many teary eyes in the crowd. At the end of their dance Bridget’s grandmother came to dance with her husband (they were celebrating their 62nd anniversary!). Bridget’s parents joined in, and then her aunt and uncle, and one by one couples from both families joined the dance. There is a lot of love and emotion that happens at weddings, in addition to the emotions of the bride and groom, and I always feel privileged and humbled to be able to witness and document these special family moments.

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