Bainbridge Island Wedding

One of things that I like best about living in Washington state is the wide range of natural habitats and beautiful places to visit. I am a mountain person by nature. I love to be out in the mountains whenever I can, but it is also really refreshing to visit the ocean. The islands of Puget Sound and the the San Juan Islands all have their own unique character and are only a short trip from the bustle of Seattle. Summer is a beautiful time to visit the islands and also a great time for weddings. I photographed a beautiful, simple wedding on Bainbridge Island this summer for Jennifer and Jon. Jennifer was a stunning bride and Jon was lot of fun since he likes to joke about everything, although he was (mostly) very serious about his vows. Wedding photography can be very challenging, especially for outdoor ceremonies, because you never know what you are going to get for weather conditions. The forecast was for late afternoon rain, but we were fortunate to avoid the rain. We had overcast skies, which may not be the sunny day most brides imagine for their wedding day, but is not a bad thing for photographs. Overcast days create a beautiful soft light that is flattering and easy for your photographer to work with. After a very touching ceremony with a small group of friends and family, Jennifer and Jon donned their muck boots and launched a canoe with a “Just Married” sign and paddled out into the bay. Some of my favorite photos were taken during their paddle in the bay and the casual time between the ceremony and the reception. The reception was held at The Four Swallows Restaurant with superb food, service and atmosphere.

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  1. Adam Knowles on January 2, 2012 at 4:56 PM

    Beautiful photos Jesse! The location looked amazing as well, wonderful job, the clients should love them.

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