New Beginnings and Weddings on the Coast

Most people think of spring as the season for new beginnings, but there are a lot of new beginnings happening around here this fall. I am starting a whole new blog and am working on rolling out an updated website in the coming months. The wedding season is winding down (What is so wrong with a winter wedding, anyway? I have been to some very nice ones. White dresses on snow, how much more pure and elegant could you get? I may be biased in that I probably like snow quite a bit more than your average bride). Speaking of new beginnings (I’m back on track now), I have been very fortunate to work with some great couples this season. In addition to local weddings in central Washington, I was able to break out my landlocked living and photograph weddings by the coast. Both of them. Weddings in Vancouver, Whidbey Island and Maine– all with beautiful weather — gave me healthy doses of sea breezes and salt air to fill my senses from both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. My taste tests conclude they smell and feel quite similar. In fact, the rocky island- dotted landscape of mid-coast Maine has some striking similarities to the landscape of the San Juan Islands and the Northwest coast.

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